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Snow Blower Needed

The snow has started falling and the old shovel is keeping your chiropractor in business.  You’ve decided to put those copays and deductibles to better use and purchase a Husqvarna snow blower! Great!  They have snow blowers to meet the needs of everyone from the homeowner to business owner.  Aren’t sure which one will suit your needs?  Let us help you choose!

Which Snow Blower is Right for You?

Husqvarna has three series of snow blowers: 100, 200 and 300.  Each series contains 3 – 4 models and price points within the series.

The 100 Series snow blowers are compact, making them ideal for small storage spaces and transporting.  The rubber auger is efficient when clearing away snow, yet gentle on hard surfaces.  This series has an electric starter for easy start-up in any temperature Mother Nature throws at us.  This series has the lower price points, ranging from $399.95 MSRP to $599.95 MSRP.

Coming in with the mid-range price points ($799.95 MSRP – $1,199.95 MSRP), the 200 Series blowers are larger than Series 1.  These blowers have a 2-stage system that pulls the snow through the machine in a 2 step process, pulling it through with the rubber auger and out though a chute, giving these machines a high throwing capacity.

At the top end of price points comes the 300 Series snow blowers.  With a price range of $1,399.95 MSRP – $2,499.95, the 300s are larger still and ideal for larger clearing areas.  Like the 100 and 200 Series, they have the rubber auger, and like the 200 Series, they use the 2-step process.  However, the 300 Series also has headlights, making them ideal for snow blowing in any condition or lighting.  This series also has a hydrostatic transmission and power steering for optimal, smooth maneuvering.  

No matter the size of the area you need to clear, or your budget, Husqvarna has a snow blower that’s just right for you and your back.  Not so much for your chiropractor’s bottom line, but maybe you can recommend a Husqvarna snow blower for his walkway!