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The Husqvarna Automower is leading the robotic mower industry. You never need to run home to cut the grass! Automower automatically cuts your grass based on your preferences and guides itself back to the charging station so it can get right back to work!

We just added our own Automower to the RTL Family. Affectionately named Jarvis, after the artificial intelligence in the Iron Man series, our robot can be controlled with an app or manually. Ultimately, it has proven itself to be everything Husqvarna has advertised it to be and it is a phenomenal little robot. Stop in to the shop to see Jarvis and to have all your questions answered.

Automower Features:

  1. Reliability: Automower works in the rain, charges itself, and keeps going.
  2. Sound: It ranks among one of the quietest robotic mowers on the market right now. You can enjoy conversation with guests without being disturbed.
  3. Sensors: It follows a path that you set, only cutting what you need. It has sensors that will tell it when it bumps into an obstruction causing it to turn around, continue in another direction, and come back later to finish the spot.
  4. Rotating Blades: Automower’s rotating blades cut the grass frequently, shaving off centimeters at a time. Within 3 weeks, your lawn will look better and healthier. The blades rotate when they hit something small so minimal damage is done to the blades and the obstruction.
  5. Theft Protection: Another feature is pass code protection. If someone tries to take it off your property, it will shutdown and become unusable to any other charging station. As a result of GPS, you can view it’s location anytime from anywhere.
  6. Versatility: It handles some of the steepest inclines a yard can offer and each model handles different sized yards, making your choice of Automower fast and easy.